About Us

Hello, my name is Andres Cabrera. I am a Houston Fire Fighter and the owner of Axe Lawn Services. As a company, we provide lawn care and landscaping services for Houston, TX and its surrounding areas. We bring with us 7 years of experience in lawn care/landscaping and 25 years of tree services. We are confident the knowledge we have built through the years has resulted in a top-notch product and experience for our customers.

The Houston community trusts me with their Life Emergencies and now I ask they trust me with their lawns.

Our Team

All employees are off-duty fire fighters or a member of their family. I trust them with my life in fire and emergency scenes. I trust them similarly with this business. We are uniformed, insured/bonded, and provide No Contracts, No Commitments. We let our job do all the talking. Give us a call and allow us to provide exceptional service and bring your lawn back to LIFE.

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